Book of Exodus

Book of Exodus

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Date: June 1, 2021— August 17, 2021 (12 lessons including introduction and conclusion)

Time: Every Tuesday night 8:00 – 9:00 pm US Pacific Time

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Exodus: God's deliverance and teaching

Major Outline

I.   God's deliverance of the Israelites from the land of bondage through Moses (Exo 1-18)

      A.  Israel in bondage (Exo 1:1-22)
      B. God prepares Moses as the deliverer (Exo 2:1-4:31)
      C. God delivers Israel out of Egypt through ten plagues (Exo 5.1-18.27)

II.  God's teaching of the Israelites through giving them the Law (Exo19:1-31:18)

      A. Giving of the Law (Exo 19:1-24:18)
      B. Revealing the instructions for building of the Tabernacle (Exo 25:1-27:21)
      C. Revealing the functions of the High priest (Exo 28:1-29:46)
      D. Revealing the purpose and function of the Tabernacle (Exo 31:1-38)
      E. Appointment for the builder of the Tabernacle (Exo 31:1-11)
      F. The Sabbath (Exo 31:12-17)
      G. The Two Tablets (Exo 31:18)

III.  Israel breaking the Covenant (Exo 32:1-34:35)

      A. Building the golden calf (Exo 32:1-6)
      B. Rebuke of Moses (Exo 32:7-35)
      C. Prayer of Moses (Exo 33:1-23)
      D. Re-establishing the Covenant of the Law (Exo 34:1-35)

IV. Building the Tabernacle (Exo 35:1-40:38)

      A. Offering for the Tabernacle (Exo 35:1-36:7)
      B. Building the Tabernacle and the Contents (Exo 36:8-39:43)
      C. Completion of the Tabernacle (Exo 40:1-33)
      D. Tabernacle filled with God's glory (Exo 40:34-38)


Format of Study

A. Students who officially enrolled in the course, do the homework and attend the discussion, will receive
     homework one week prior to each class.
B. During class time, students will discuss the passages led by Paul Tang.
C. Students who zoom in to join the discussion are expected to display their true name with video on to
     participate in discussion.

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