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2020-06-02           CBS Genesis, English  Zoom
                                  US Pacific Time﹕2020 June 2 to August 18 (Tuesday 8:00 pm to 9: 00 pm)
                                  Hong Kong Time: 2020 June 3 to August 19 (Wednesday 11:am to 12:00 noon)

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                Genesis is the first Book in the Bible. It reveals that God is the creator and man is created by God. It also reveals why and how man sinned against God. In sins man is desperate in need of God’s salvation. God then begins His salvation plan by choosing Abraham, and makes a covenant with Abraham. This covenant is the key to understand the theme of the whole Bible message.

 Genesis is divided into two major sections:
1. Four Major Events (Gen 1-11)
     a. God’s Creation
     b. Sin of Man
     c. Judgment of the Flood
     d. Spread of the Nations
2. Four People (Gen 12-50)
     a.  Abraham
     b. Isaac
     c. Jacob
     d. Joseph

Format of study

  1. Study questions will be given to registered students one week before the class.
  2. Students are strongly encouraged to finish the questions before coming to class.
  3. During class time, students will be encouraged to share the answers and participate in the discussions.



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