Dr. Patrick Y. Tang

Dr. Patrick Y. Tang


Patrick Y. Tang Short Biodata
Born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Accepted Jesus Christ as personal Savior at the age of 10.
Baptized in Kuala Lumpur Baptist Church (Southern Baptist), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Ordained at First Baptist Church (Southern Baptist), College Station, TX in 1980. 

Graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary DTS
1981 ThM, 1989 DMin.

Married to Huldan in 1977. She also graduated from DTS in 1990 MACE.
Have three children and three grandchildren.

Served as student pastor at College Station Chinese Chapel at First Baptist Church, 1978 to 1980
Served as Senior Pastor of Kuala Lumpur Baptist Church 1981 to 1989
Served as Senior Pastor of Heritage Baptist Church 1990 to 1994
Started First Baptist Chinese Church in 2001 (a Mandarin speaking congregation within First Baptist Church of San Jose

Founded Bible Exposition Society in Hong Kong in 1992
Founded Bible Exposition International in San Jose, CA in 1999
Registered Bible Exposition Institute (BEI) in San Jose, CA in 2005
Founded Bible Exposition Society (Australia) in 2006

Developed Chinese Bible Study Program (CBSC)
This program consists of 66 Books of the Bible, divided into 3 phases of studies
Each phase consists of 10 courses with homework
Each course lasts for 12 weeks
Each week study is a two-hour session
First hour the group leaders will lead discussion and sharing of the homework students have done
Second hour students watch my MP4 messages (pre-recorded) in either Mandarin or Cantonese. 

There are 360 Mandarin messages and 360 Cantonese messages in the CBSC programs.
Students depended on their own dialect, can enroll in either the Mandarin or Cantonese program. Class leader (local pastor, or church leader) will apply for the Bible Courses.
BEI will approve their application. 

We train the class and group leaders to do discussion and sharing of answers. They do pre-study, normally a few days before the actual class. Each student will have to do homework (8-9 pages of study questions) before coming for class discussion.
Presently we have about 50,000 students enrolled in the CBSC program.

Published the Chinese Analytical Layout Bible (Cal Bible) in 2003 in Hong Kong.
The digital version (eCalBible App) was released in March 2022 to be used in cell phone, tablet or computers.

Presently developing Phase 4 Theology and Discipleship Study Certificate (TDSC),
11 courses on Systematic Theology and Discipleship
        4 courses were completed
        1.  Basic Christian Faith
        2. Major Covenants in the Bible
        3.  Bibliology and Theology Proper
        4.  Christology and Pneumatology

        Planning to produce the following courses in 2023
        1.  Bible Study and Hermeneutic
        2.  Eschatology
        3. Rest of the Bible doctrines.

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