請在信息欄中註明電郵, 方便傳送收據
Please provide email address for receipt at optional message


  1. 在自己個人線上銀行帳戶選擇Zelle 付款或收款功能
  2. 選用個人電郵配對支票或儲畜帳戶
  3. 設立收款人 (Bible Exposition International) 細節如下:
  •           a. Email Address:            BibleExposition@gmail.com
  •           b. Business Name:         Bible Exposition
  •           c. Nickname:                    BEI (optional) 


  1. 先按 send section
  2. 選擇收款人: Bible Exposition (Bible Exposition International)
  3. 填寫款項
  4. Add message: 註明付款人英文姓名,電郵及付款用途 (如奉獻, 採購等)
  5. 填好資料後, 請再核實數目,便可支付 (SEND button)
  6. 付款完成後,BEI 及奉獻者都會收到銀行的電郵信息 (payment confirmation)

Bible Exposition Institute can accept donation or payment from individual, churchor organization bank
account in the US with online direct transfer using Zelle App offered by the individual bank.


  1. Link your email address with your checking or savings bank account
    you wish to send money from in the Zelle app.
  2. Set up recipient as follows:
  •            a. EMAIL ADDRESS: bibleexposition@gmail.com
  •            b. Business Name: Bible Exposition
  •            c. Nickname: BEI (optional)


  1. Select“Send”section.
  2. Choose recipient :  Bible Exposition (Bible Exposition International)
  3. Enter the amount.
  4. Add message: Your name, email address and purpose of payment, e.g. donation or purchase, etc.
  5. Double check the information is correct.
  6. Press“Send”button.
  7. Both BEI and you will receive payment confirmation email from your bank/Zelle.

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